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Mark Williams




Just a Country Boy raised right here near the Woods Community in Panola County.  Grew up hunting and fishing following my Grandpa as he plowed the Garden and helping my Dad with the Cattle operation.

Finished Carthage HighSchool in 1975.  Played Football and ran track.  Attended Panola College and completed a BBA degree from SFA, also attended Texas A&M.  Have worked in the Family Oil & Gas Business since the late 1970’s.

I Love God, Family, and Country.  I appreciate the basic principles of Freedom, Liberty, and Individualism which our country was founded on and for which our constitution was written.  

We must as citizens of this Great State and Country do everything we can to make this a better place to live.  It is our Duty Bound by God.



Thanks goes out to all who supported me in this campaign. 

Special Thanks Goes out to:
Paula J. Fleming
Jack Harmon
Joe Harrison and the Cass County Patriots
CeCi Matthews
John McIntyre
Garret Boersma
Kim Shaw
Michelle Ready
Nancy Rice
Cindy Hagler
Warren Pennington
Dexter Whatley
Ron Sharp
Rodney Johnson
Kori Peterson
Jeff Koyer
Wes Brumit
Gregg Hunt
David Fleming
Robert Williams
G. Keith Gray
And Last but not least my Mother, Joan Williams for putting up with me

Even though the outcome fell way short. We have to continue to Fight these Fake Republicans whom are not serving their Districts, only their Carreers. In a way they are worse than Democrats. I started this Campaign very late as you know with no organization and a few very dedicated citizens. I felt a desperate need to try and do something. Without these Citizens I would never have entered this race. It has been a very long 3 months for me and I am Mentally drained.
However I will be working with others to find a way to educate the public about what the SWAMP South is doing to us.  
We have had enough of a show with a small amount of time and limited resources to continue the battle on.
The way I see it we are in real trouble in the very near future. If President Trump gets ReElected we have four years to rid ourselves of these Fake Republicans or we will be in Grave danger of turning Blue. Our voter turnout is way too low. We simply must find away to energize disaffected voters and educate those whom are blinded by the smoke and deception of a largely self serving Congress. And save this Sate and this Country from a Socialist style Government, which I want no part of. Folks we just gotta take some time out in our lives to get involved any way we can.

Thanks Again to All
Mark Williams