Mark Williams Campaign
We Can't Lose Texas

These are not in order of importance… they are ALL important.


True Conservative – Not a Politician

I am a Christian and a true conservative – That alone will color all that I do in carrying out the mandates of the constituency of our District Nine.   I was brought up by my parents in a solid Bible-believing church.    

I cannot be bought off and will not be swayed by bribery or promise of financial gain.  I’m not in this race to pursue a political career but to serve the people of this District with the highest level of integrity and to try to solve some problems which have long been left unaddressed or left to die on the political vine.  

Drawing attention to myself is not a natural part of my personality and I will always prefer to demonstrate my faith by my actions.  However, most of the voters of this District Nine do not know me and need to know where I stand and what colors my beliefs and actions.  


 Second Amendment Rights

There should not be any restrictions on gun ownership to law abiding citizens.  Our Second Amendment rights must not be infringed upon and there cannot be “red flag” laws which allow for the forcible removal of guns without any due process or hearing and which have, in other jurisdictions than Texas resulted in heartbreaking deaths upon the exercise of such unconstitutional red flag laws.  A citizen should have anything he deems necessary to defend himself, his family, and his property from criminals, squatters, and oppressive governmental control and for hunting as lawfully allowed under our existing laws.  No government should have the right to disarm its citizens.


Ban Abortions and Protection of Children

I am absolutely PRO LIFE.   I am opposed to abortion except in the case of the life of the mother being at stake.  Only God creates life and God alone should be the determiner of the end of life.  The fact that a person is unborn in America should pose no restriction on its constitutional to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


 The Economy

JaneOil and Gas Industry:  Here in East Texas. our natural gas production for many years has been and is a large part of our economy.  I have worked in the family Oil & Gas and Production business since the late 1970’s.

Unfortunately its always been a “boom or bust” situation as is common to this industry due to the law of supply and demand.  Since 2009 its been pretty much a bust, although we are still some of the more blessed of all oil and gas producing areas.  The current excess of natural gas production has caused a decline in prices and is currently affecting additional drilling, exploration, and exploitation of our in-ground reserves of natural gas. As a result our current producing formations have declined drastically. Hopefully that will change in the near future.   But insofar as our state House of Representatives can do anything to further production in our area, I will be a part of that plan.  

Timber Industry:  We have too much Plantation Pine and our markets are hurt by imported Canadian lumber. The Canadian Government owns a large portion of the forested lands in Canada, and they practically give the timber to the mills so it can be milled and sold cheap in the U.S.  Of course, this drives our prices down.  “We need a Tarriff on Canadian lumber” We also need more Lumber Mills. There are so few large capacity lumber mills now that they can Buy cheap from landowners and Jack the prices High for consumers.

Cattle Industry:  Our cattle markets have been poor for the last several years.  There are simply too many cattle for the markets which we have.  One thing that could help here in our East Texas home area, and across the state, would be to attract a large meat packing plant to our District.  Any imported Meat products should be labled for the point of origin.

More Jobs – More Industry – Less Government Regulation:  More factories and industry hubs must be enticed to our area.  At present, anytime a major oil and gas player lays off workers, our communitites, cities, counties, and district suffers.  Attracting more industry to the area will assist in not being so dependent upon any one industry in our economy.

Education and Teacher Pay

Texas should have the best education system in the United States, bar none.  Currently, we do not pay our teachers nearly what should be paid in light of their education, dedication, or abilities.  Allowing teachers to be judged based on a limited set of performance parameters set by those unassociated with our school districts is not ideal and is not turning out the highest level of educated students for either colleges or professions.  

Shop, electrical, plumbing, building and other such skills should be offered in our schools as soon as possible.  While a higher education is valued and has its place in our society, there is a dire need for skilled labor for those who, for whatever reasons, want to enter the work force sooner than later.  

Out-of-Control Spending

The budget has ballooned to an increase of over 32 billion dollars since the last session.   Taxpayers need to know exactly what is going on here.  We cannot continue to spend like this.  Craftily drafted wording on state income tax referendums should not be tolerated coming from our state government. The growth and size of Government MUST be reduced. Otherwise we are headed for a dire fiscal cliff, and we cannot allow our state to become anohter California.

Property Taxes

Property Taxes for homeowners and land owners have become increasingly unbearable in many cities and counties.  We need to seriously look at a way to cut these taxes and eventually eliminate them.   What is fair about a landowner paying taxes on the Income from everything he produces from his land, and then having to pay taxes just because he owns land?  Controlled spending is the key to lowering taxes.  Ownership is a large part of freedom, it would be nice to know that a taxing entity did not exist that could take your property for Back Taxes.  Eliminating Property Taxes should be a major issue.



Private Property Rights   Private property ownership is becoming increasingly more assaulted on by Gov’t and other forces.  Eminent Domain and Environmental regulations must be changed to insure that Private Property ownership regains control of that which we own.

Illegal Immigration/Voter Registration

The Border Wall must be finished. This must be a priority going forward that we can never let up on.  Our Texas state border must stay secure so that we can control who comes in and out of our country.  

We should have voter ID’s so that no one can vote without first being a citizen.

Decreasing Government Regulation

I am against forms of oppressive government regulation  which unneccessarily affect our Oil and Gas, Poultry, Livestock, Timber and other industries, adding undue financial burdens to these industries.

Church Safety

Over and again we have reports of gun violence in our churches.  Our governer has done some good in establishing the right to carry in churches but I propose that gun training be promoted and, as necessary, assisted by local law enforcement agencies. 

Law Enforcement

We must always make our law enforcement officers safety a top priority.  I propose that the State do whatever is necessary, in lowering costs on non-essential expenditures, to find the funds to help beef up our local law enforcement forces… state, county, and city.  No officer should be riding alone at any time.  That will mandate a substantial increase in the size of our law enforcement staffs and likely support staffs as well.  This is as it should be for all our good and protection, as well as the protection of our officers.  

Texas History

Texas has a long  proud history, yet there are forces within our own “Republican” claiments to nullify and remove historical markers.   History is history with it’s good and even the bad history.  Our youth should know about this history not only as a part of their education but as a warning for future generations of the mistakes that should be avoided in the future.  If you don’t know where youv’e been, then you don’t know how you got to where you are, then you sure won’t know what to do moving forward.


I consider this the #1 issue of all.  If we continue to have stolen elections as we have seen in the last Presidential election, all of the other issues of great importance to all freedom and liberty loving Americans is “LOST”